Otto Nemenz introduces the 35mm Arriflex camera to ICF students

Created in 1993 following the Los Angeles Riots, Inner-City Filmmakers (ICF) set forth on a purpose to dissolve the multiple challenges facing urban youth; educational deficits, emotional insecurities, financial uncertainties and restricted career opportunities. From its inception, Inner-City Filmmakers has promoted and maintained a balance of high quality education, mentors, and job placement services for diverse disadvantaged youth so that they can learn, grow, compete, work, succeed, and over time build fulfilling careers while concurrently actualizing aspirations and hopes.


We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.


The mission of Inner-City Filmmakers is to provide free year-round artistic, technical, business and life skills training with high quality instructors and mentors for diverse disadvantaged youth, ages 17-22 of Los Angeles County, and to successfully place them in entry-level jobs behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry, where they aspire to build careers but have little access, thus reshaping their lives and changing their futures.


(1) To provide a creative outlet for diverse disadvantaged talented and dedicated youth.
(2) To promote the diversity of gender and ethnicity in the entertainment industry.
(3) To help diverse youth achieve higher levels of self-esteem and change their lives.

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Inner-City Filmmakers brochures and other materials (for viewing only)

Inner-City Filmmakers | 2018 Sundance Film Fest Book

"Inner-City Filmmakers is a way of life. It has made me into a hard working job-ready individual."  — Matthew Prescott, Class of 2008


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