Press Release


Inner-City Filmmakers (ICF) is seeking successful WGA members to volunteer as one-on-one mentors for ICF graduates who have exhibited talent and are dedicated writers. These students are attending college, continuing to write in the ICF Winter Program writing classes and working in various jobs at film studios and production companies.

As a mentor, you could help them develop a screenwriter's instinct for recognizing a good story. You can also help the students translate a treatment into a first draft, suggest story notes, fine-tune story structure and deepen character development through draft revisions and help them bring out the best elements of their story to a final, polished script. Students also need guidance in preparing their pitch to sell their script and an understanding of the steps needed to get and keep a screenwriting job.

To become a mentor, call Inner-City Filmmakers at (310) 264-3992. Classes are held at the Lantana Center at 3000 West Olympic Blvd. in Santa Monica, CA.


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