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Guest Speakers to Date

Summer Program

Michael Adler, Attorney
David Baer, Filmmaker
Cate Bangs, Art Director
Paris Barclay, Director
Manny Basanese, Writer
Mary Lou Belli, Acting Coach
Rick Benson, Producer
Timothy Blake, Acting Coach
Ken Braun, Writer
Nancy Braun, Human Resources
Susan Brink, Actress
Alonzo Brown, Producer
Conrad Buff, Editor
Roy Campanella, Director
Lee Cole, Set Designer
Chris Carey, Sound Services
Russell Carpenter, Director of Photography
Colby Carr, Writer
Judy Chaikin, Director
Vincent Cheung, Writer
Caldecott Chubb, Producer
Doug Claybourne, Producer
Steve Cohen, Editor
Jerry Collamer, Director
Justin Connolly, Agent
Dean Cundey, Director of Photography
Allen Daviau, Director of Photography
Andrew Davis, Director
Jack De Govia, Production Designer
Alan Devall, Videographer
Paul Dixon, Editor
Larry Durand, Cinematographer
Brent Elam, Marketing & Sales
Steve Flick, Sound Designer
Arthur Forney, Producer
K. C. Fox, Set Decorator
Ed French, Makeup
Matt Galla, Visual Effects
F. Gary Gray, Director
Bruce Green, Editor
John Gula, Editor
James Hannah, Writer
Curtis Hanson, Writer/Director
Winifred Hervey, Writer/ Executive Producer
Arthur Hiller, Director
Rand Holston, Agent
Jim Honore, Executive VP
Ron Horwitz, Sound Supervisor
Matthew Irmas, Filmmaker
Joni Jacobson, Electronic Artist
Jon Jashni, Producer
Jake Kasdan, Writer/ Director
Lawrence Kasdan, Writer/ Director
Chuck Kemmerer, Lab Supervisor
Howard Koch, Producer
Scott Landis, Agent
Kasi Lemmons, Writer/ Director
Brian Levant, Director
Mike Levy, Colorist
Bart Lipton, Producer
Ron Little, Lab Supervisor
Nick LoCasale, Filmmaker
Josslyn Luckett, Writer
Tomi Magyar, Speech Therapist
Bob Manganelli, Director
Steve Mann, Assistant Camera
Pancho Mansfield, Sr. VP
Norman Marcus, Accountant
Frank Marshall, Producer/ Director
Tom McCarth, Postproduction Sound
Rick Mervis, Camera Rental
Julie Michaels, Stuntwoman
Mike Minkow, Visual Effects
Gerald Molen, Producer
Ben Montanio, Writer
Patricia Montesian, Avid Training
Cecilia Montiel, Production Designer
Dash Morrison, Lab Supervisor
Don Murphy, Producer
John Muto, Production Designer
James Newport, Production Designer
Rafael Orozco, Production Manager
Mike Parker, Lighting Equipment
Pee Wee Piemonte, Stunt Coordinator
Tony Plana, Actor/ Director
Jim Plannette, Gaffer
Steve Porter, Colorist
Steven Poster, Director of Photography
Alfredo Ramos, Writer/ Director
Gemma Richardson, Postproduction Sound
Tom Rickman, Writer
Mary Robinson, Production Designer
Bill Romeo, Video Postproduction
Scott Ross, Visual Effects
Jim Roudebush, Camera
Steve Rundell, Visual Effects
Mark Rydell, Director
Jay Sandrich, Director
Arthur Schmidt, Editor
Mark Seabrooks, Writer
Wolf Seeberg, Sound Mixer
Larry Shapiro, Agent
Teri Shropshire, Editor
Arturo Smith, Director of Photography
Bobby Smith, Writer
Frank Smith, Eastman Kodak
Howard Smith, Editor
Barry Snyder, VP
Amy Solan, Production
Zach Staenberg, Editor
Patrick Strong, Acting Coach
John Sullivan, Visual Effects
Liza Sullivan, Assistant Editor
Steve Swersky, Editor
Brent Swift, Production Designer
John Toll, Director of Photography
Oskar Toruno, Filmmaker
Jesus Trevino, Director
Mike Tronick, Editor
Jon Turteltaub, Director
David Valdes, Producer
Bill Varney, Postproduction Sound
Jey Wada, Production Assistant
Barry Weiss, Animation
Mike Werb, Writer
Bernie West, Writer
Haskell Wexler, Director of Photography
Phyllis Williams, Makeup
Steve Williams, Postproduction Sound
Robert Wise, Director
John Woo, Director
Dan Wood, Camera
Eric Young, Postproduction Sound
Jerry Ziesmer, First Assistant Director
Vilmos Zsigmond, Director of Photography

Winter Program

Tyrone Atkins, Writer
Rick Benson, Commercial Producer
Timothy Blake, Director
Anne Carey, Senior V.P. Development
Russell Carpenter, A.S.C., Director of Photography
Candace Chatman, Eastman Kodak
Lee Cole, Set Designer
Jerry Collamer, Director
Justin Connolly, Talent Agent
Aaron Courselaut, Writer
Allen Daviau, A.S.C., Director of Photography
Larry Durand, Cinematographer
Scott Greenberg, Agent
Rand Holston, Talent Agent
Ted Hope, Executive Producer
Ron Horwitz, Sound Editing Supervisor
HUM Music & Sound Design
Ross Katz, V.P. Production
Howard Koch, Jr., Producer
Scott Landis, Talent Agent
Bart Lipton, Producer
Nick LoCasale, Independent Filmmaker
Pancho Mansfield, Senior Vice President Development, Showtime
Rafael Orozco, Production Manager
Sunmin Park, Producer/Writer
Tony Plana, Actor & Director
Alfredo Ramos, Writer & Director
Joe Revitte, Feature Acquisitions
Mary Margaret Robinson, Production Designer
T.E. Russell, Actor
Mark Rydell, Director
Nancy Sackett, Screenwriter
Jay Sandrich, Director
Tom Seidman, First Assistant Director
Larry Shapiro, New Media Agent
John Sloss, Executive Producer
Patrick Stettner, Director
Patrick Strong, Acting Coach
Oskar Toruno, Independent Filmmaker
Bill Varney, Head of Post-production Sound, Universal Studios
Bernie West, Writer
Steve Williams, Postproduction Sound Supervisor
Billy Wirth, Director/Writer/Actor
John Woo, Director


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