Over the years industry professionals have offered their valuable time to help mentor ICF graduates. Their commitment has real meaning and value to students who might come from single parent homes, none English speaking families, or families who don't understand the creative needs to express oneself through the filmmaking process.

Mentors have one main goal - to share a more mature view of life's problems and decisions with younger minds. Mentors do not make the decisions, but rather challenge, inform, and suggest ways that will help young people make life choices, mature more quickly, and stay focused.

Most Inner-City Filmmakers students can benefit in making career development choices by conferring with someone who has already had experience making such choices. ICF students may request being paired with a mentor and experienced professionals may volunteer their time to help.

ICF attempts to match kindred minds to produce satisfaction in both individuals. If you wish to become a mentor please call (310) 264-3992 or e-mail us at innercityfilm@earthlink.net.

"Everyone needs someone to inspire them and to guide them."

Travon "Tiger" Brumfield '95


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